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fun in the church training john three seconds

Three Seconds LP/Digital

fun in the church gio mirrors smoke

Mirrors & Smoke LP/Tape/Digital

fun in the church gio mirrors smoke

Wolfgang Perez
Who Cares Who Cares LP/Digital

fun in the church zwanie jonson we like it

Zwanie Jonson
We Like It LP/Digital

fun in the church mieke miami abassador of love

Mieke Miami
Montecarlo Magic LP/Digital

fun in the church ozan ata canani warte mein land

Ozan Ata Canani
Warte mein Land CD/LP/Digital

fun in the church Os Barbapapas DooWooDooWoo

Os Barbapapas
DooWooDooWoo LP/Digital

fun in the church Burka Band I Care For You

Burka Band
I Care For You 7"/Digital

fun in the church TAU 5 Kreise

Kreise CD/2LP/Digital

fun in the church preachers tape

Various Artists
Preachers Tape Digital

fun in the church training

*x EP 10"/Digital

fun in the church orphea love songs from hell album

Lovesongs from Hell LP/Digital

fun in the church stardust brothers ost

Various Artists      LP+7"
The Legend of the Stardust Brothers (OST)

fun in the church ask vm sufi dub brothers album

Ashraf Sharif Khan & Viktor Marek
Sufi Dub Brothers LP/Digital

fun in the church the migrations can you not hear single

The Migrations
Can You Not Hear The Music 7"/Digital

fun in the church ozan ata canani alle menschen dieser erde single

Ozan Ata Canani
Alle Menschen dieser Erde 7"/Digital

fun in the church max turner cuckooclock single

Max Turner
Cuckoo Clock 7"/Digital

fun in the church za! pachinko plex

Pachinko Plex LP

fun in the church bing austria roas epektos album

Bing Austria
Rosas Epektos LP/Digital

fun in the church bing austria ruined heart single

Bing Austria
Ruined Heart 7"

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fun in the church: viktor marek ashraf sharif khan


Ashraf Sharif Khan and Viktor Marek are twins from different continents, separated at birth. They were brought back together by the large music satellite during one of its few earth rotations to teach us humans an extra-planetary hip swing. This swing is performed live with their Beats, Bass and Sitar, leaving behind rows of earthlings* with their mouths wide open (grinning) - and just as open soles (dancing). An elusive "Sufistep" (Viktor Marek) somewhere between HipHop, Acid, Electro and Dub meets a masterful Sitar performance (Ashraf Sharif Khan).

ASK VM Facebook

fun in the church: bing austria


In the evenings in Manila Bing and his Soul Stompers play old soul classics from Otis Redding to James Brown for tourists in the city’s many hotels. At the dead of night, they move on to local bars where they can play their own music. Like urban culture all around the world, Manila’s urban scene pop-culturally echoes the influences of the American colonial past. But the influences noticeable in “Rosas Epektos” take it a step further: 60s soul intermingles with Jamaican beats, psychedelic and kraut rock. Brezel Göring recorded the album in just a few days in Khavn’s living room on a multitrack tape. The date on the album cover lists “1969” as the recording year. And although this is in reality not true, the authenticity of the sound actually gives the illusion that it was produced in the 1960s. This type of soul music in Tagalog did not exist in the sixties in the Philippines, yet songs on the album such as “Ruined Heart” and “Island Monkeys” reconnect the future with the past and rewrite it.

Bing Austria Facebook

fun in the church: bing austria


Why are burkas actually blue? It all started out with that question, back in 2002. A trip to Afghanistan, a workshop at the "Institute of Learning Music". By invitation of Goethe- Institut, Frank Fenstermacher and Kurt Dahlke from seminal German Postpunk-band Fehlfarben and a certain frank and drummer Saskia von Klitzing (Fehlfarben, FM Einheit, chicks on speed) embarked to teach the basics of pop music. But almost no one wanted to learn drums - except for the only woman who happened to be present, Nargis. A few drum beats later, they were born: Afghanistan's first girl band, Burka Band. With Klitzing, Fenstermacher and Dahlke as midwives. In 2003, singer Nargis made her way to Freiburg - where she was amused by how instead of the burqa, the primacy of light clothing prevailed in advertising and on magazine covers. "That was a bit of a culture shock," she recounts with a laugh, "from Burkaland to Freiburg!" Inspired by this impression, the second single of Burka Band, "No Burka!" was written together with Saskia von Klitzing and Frank Fenstermacher: "Naked boys and girls are selling news and cars and toys", Nargis observes before a traditional Afghan recording kicks in. In 2004, both tracks were released on Gudrun Gut's label Monika Enterprise in Berlin, together with a "Burka Blue" remix by Barbara Morgenstern and a "No Burka!" remix by a certain frank.

fun in the church: gio


The Artist behind GÍO is the Cologne-based musician Johannes Stankowski. Stylistically you can classify GÍO between Yacht-Rock and Italopop. Some people prefer to call it yacht-pop, because the rock influences of bands like the Eagles or the Doobie Brothers can also be found in GÍO. the Doobie Brothers have long since faded from GÍO's music. GÍO prefers to make music in the spheres in which even a pop star like Harry Styles moves. Pop with the really big gestures. Soft rock and blue-eyed soul with a slight disco and funk touch. A world in which indie was mainly found in the 5-euro grab boxes of record stores, GÍO finds himself detached from contemporary trends to escape back into a world where the promises of pop were always lager than life. Not a place of dystopia, but a place to fly away. Highly hedonistic and escapistic. Mirrors & Smoke is exactly such a song. A declaration of love to pop. You can choose to listen to Fleetwood Mac or Lucio Battisti afterwards.

GÍO Website

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fun in the church: maria portugal

Maria Portugal

Mariá Portugal has been active in the Brazilian musical scene since she was 16 years old, recording, performing and touring throughout South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania with artists like Arrigo Barnabé, Elza Soares, Metá Metá, Fernanda Takai, Negro Leo, Ava Rocha, Iara Rennó, Maggie Nicols, Angelika Niescier, Gerald Cleaver, Joëlle Léandre, Jasper Van't Hof and Paul van Kemenade. Her new album EROSÃO will be released on November of 2021 by labels Risco (BR) and Fun in The Church (DE). One of her main projects is the instrumental band Quartabê. The band had already recorded three albums: Lição #1: Moacir (2015), Depê (2017) and Lição #2: Dorival (2018). Together with her first band DonaZica she recorded two albums: Composição (2003) and Filme Brasileiro (2007). With the pop band Trash Pour 4 she recorded Recycle, Vol. 1 (2005), Super Duper (2006) and Something Stupid (2009). ​ In 2020, Mariá lived in Moers, Germany, as the Moers Festival 13th Improviser in Residence. She is currently living in Duisburg, Germany, where she is the curator for Soundtrips-NRW, a project that connects musicians and venues in the region of North Rhine-Westphalia to promote free improvisation musical tours.

Maria Portugal Website

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fun in the church: mieke miami


Mieke Miami is the new indie pop star from Berlin's periphery. Born in Hamburg and moved to Brandenburg via Berlin, where she was already declared one of the most important newcomers of 2021 by Tipberlin. Musically, the formidable multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and singer - we forgot producer - moves somewhere between folk, pop, acid jazz, soul and funk. As if Roisin Murphy had formed a band together with Joni Mitchell and ESG. 'Montecarlo Magic', the follow- up to her debut album 'In The Forest' (2016, Solar Kollektiv) may no longer darken through the forest, but there is truly no compulsion to light either. It is more of a special, positive swing that radiates inwards and outwards, a state that seems to be an inner retreat and a journey at the same time: Florida, California and Brandenburg all nestle very close together there.

fun in the church: orphea


Complicated times require complex experimental setups: The Filipino musician, poet and filmmaker KHAVN meets Alexander Kluge, the German philosophical jack-of-all- trades of cultural work. Together, they conceive a music film with the acclaimed German actress and singer Lilith Stangenberg at its centre. Their film "Orphea" - which celebrated its world premiere at Berlinale 2020 - deals with the ancient myth of the musician Orpheus, who wants to free his beloved Eurydice from the underworld. Although Orpheus even succeeds in bewitching a hell hound and the ruler of the underworld himself with the power of his music, he fails in the end. Eurydice's gaze back to him is finally punished by the gods with death. Finishing the film production, Khavn and Lilith Stangenberg teamed up with Brezel Göring (Stereo Total) in Berlin to transform the songs from the film into an album.

Instagram Lilith Stangenberg

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fun in the church: orphea


Ready for take-off with the Brazilian psychedelic quartet Os Barbapapas; São Paulo meets Berlin – contemporary interplanetary diplomacy at its best. The result is a wondrous trip propelling us into outer space, to a lyrically unmanned space station where instrumental needles pierce the membrane of our planetary horizon, making way for a holistic psychedelic experience of our world. Our tour guides are Barbara Mucciollo (Drums, Percussion), Selva Rubens (Electric Guitar), Fernando Lima (Percussion, Drums) and Tomás Oliveira (Glass Harp, Bass), who is also responsible for production and mix. In times like these, producing a record like DooWooDooWoo is not a trivial thing at all, especially in Brazil, where Covid struck hard. The four artists had to improvise: since the initial plan to record an album in a studio was made impossible, the already drafted songs where postponed in favor of a new concept. Everyone recorded ideas for themselves, to which the others would contribute their tracks later, eventually building the 13 track-long interstellar journey that is the album. Collective improvisation chronologically untangled.

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fun in the church: ozan ata canani


Life? A long narrow path. Anything else? Yes: people and music. That's it, but still. It couldn't get any more narrow than for Ozan Ata Canani. The young Ata was a prodigy on the bağlama, the Anatolian long- necked lute. So good that the great Aşik Mahzuni Şerif took him on tour. At that time Ata was just thirteen. Ata's father was suspicious and forbade him to play music. In the late seventies, the young adult Ata wrote the first song cycle of Anatolian music in German. He wanted to arrive, live in Germany and communicate with the majority society. He wanted to make audible what was going wrong. The lament was only eclipsed by Ata's infectious optimism. His music is a journey that takes its listeners along. He was obviously ahead of his time, because no one wanted to publish these songs. They found no lobby. In the Corona summer of 2020, the recordings were finally completed after more than forty years. Timeless songs whose wishes have still not been fulfilled. Make the best of it and play it in your stadyadium. Always in the name of humanity.

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fun in the church: stardust brothers


In 1985, Macoto Tezka (son of the great manga artist Osamu Tezuka) met musician and TV personality Haruo Chicada who had made a soundtrack to a movie which didn’t actually exist: The Legend of the Stardust Brothers. At the time Macoto was just 22 years old, a film-student with many short experimental films under his belt, but yet to make a feature-debut and of course had the pressure of the TEZUKA name. With Chicada as producer, Tezka then adapted this “fake soundtrack” into the real movie story of “The Stardust Brothers”. With inspiration from “Phantom of the Paradise” and “Rocky Horror Picture Show”, Tezuka assembled a cast of some of Japan’s most famous musicians of the time, including such greats as Kiyohiko Ozaki, ISSAY, Sunplaza Nakano and Hiroshi Takano, alongside many famous names in Manga. The resulting film “The Legend of the Stardust Brothers” is the exact definition of a cult film. Despite the huge array of talent on board with a large budget, the film is totally unknown even to this day in both Japan and worldwide. More than 30 years since its release, The Stardust Brothers will finally make itself known worldwide with a brand new Director’s Cut and a newly remastered soundtrack on Fun In The Church!

The Legend of the Stardust Brothers on blue ray / DVD

fun in the church: tau 5


Tau is the 19th letter of the Greek alphabet and the name of the Berlin-based fusion quartet around saxophonist Phillipp Gropper and drummer and percussionist Moritz Baumgärtner. In mathematics, however, Tau also refers to the division ratio in the "golden ratio". Sometimes also called Phi. The letter Tau as a name for the international band is therefore exciting and inspiring in many ways. All four members are successful protagonists of the young European jazz scene. Since their foundation, TAU 5 have been constantly developing their sound from the fields of jazz, improv, new music and electronics. Based on new forms of composition and improvisation concepts between jam and (re-)edit, TAU researches the specification of a new, collective sound language.

fun in the church: training


Out of sheer joy of liberated playing, drummer Max Andrzejewski and saxophonist Johannes Schleiermacher have been meeting regularly since mid-2019 in a Berlin rehearsal room - simply to play away from their fixed ensembles. It took them only a few training sessions, though, until they realized they had already gained a fixed repertoire again. From a casual affair, they became a steady duo, which quickly found its own language, its own way of playing and expressing jazz, post rock and electronic music: TRAINING. In addition to their "main instruments", the two as well work on synthesizers, vintage echo devices, garage organs or even their own voice.

fun in the church: wolfgang perez


Wolfgang Pérez is someone we like to call a child prodigy. If he had lived at another time, say in the 18th century, he would have composed chamber music and orchestral works for the nobility at some court or written a, you guessed it, opera for the opera house. He could have arranged for Manfred Krug's great East Soul record in the 70s in the GDR, or provided a fancy score for WDR instead of Irmin Schmidt in the West for a crime scene. Or in the 80s, he could have come up with a cool NDW act for Intercord, which no one would have understood back then, but which is now traded on Discogs for 180 euros. The 7" single, mind you. Wolfgang Pérez has already shown with the pop group GOLF what a super-sophisticated composer and arranger he is. Now he's going solo and makes music freely and cheekily between Melody Nelson, Horst Jankowski, The Whitest Boy Alive and Blaxploitation. The perfect score for all procrastinators at this time.

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